Christmas 2015 Wrap-UP

Merry Christmas everyone! This Christmas was really special- although this was technically Brock’s second Christmas, it felt like a first since last year we were still living in a hotel and could not do any traditions or even have a tree! Brock was really excited about our tree this year and we played a little game where he would take all the ornaments off that he could reach and I would put them back on ;).  Continue reading


Cooling off Roman style

All week long Germany has been experiencing an unusual heat wave. Temperatures have been in the 90’s which isn’t necessarily terrible, but without air conditioning in homes and most public buildings it has not been fun since there is literally no break from the heat. Aside from that, we might have been a bit spoiled over our 3.5 years in Washington State and maybe our bodies have forgotten how to handle this. It’s not just us though, the PX sold over 500 fans in one day and the heat was even making the autobahn break apart! Fil was away for work all week so Brock and I tried our best to keep cool. We splashed in his new kiddy pool, went swimming in the lake, and took cool baths. He is definitely a water baby.  But by Thursday we were losing the battle against the temps and the monitor in his room said it was 92 degrees even with a fan running all day long. Continue reading