Beautiful Holland

Our last summer in Europe is being well spent if I do say so myself! This year traveling is a bit more complicated since we now have Poppy, but I feel good about our plans. If we didn’t have Poppy I would probably travel too much, and wear myself ragged to get in all the last trips, so it has actually worked out quite well. Brock has 3 weeks off from Kindergarten, and so far in those weeks we have taken a little trip to Holland, and another to Bavaria. Those two trips have been to two of the most beautiful locations we have visited. Hands down. But see for yourself, here is Holland…  Continue reading


Keukenhof 2016

When we first found out we were moving to Germany, one of the first places I thought of that I needed to see was the tulip fields of Holland. I had never known that Holland was the place to be for tulips until we lived in Washington State and went to the Skagit County Tulip Festival. My mind was blown by the beauty, but I kept hearing whispers that if you really wanted to see tulips you had to go to Holland. Well lucky me, I got to see tulips in both places!  Continue reading