Two at the Zoo

Almost a week ago our little man turned 2 years old… and I can’t even believe it. I look at him and see the same little boy that I have always seen but when I look back at pictures it is amazing how much he is growing. Just look at this one… these two are one year apart (in the same outfit). Continue reading


One is Fun!

One week ago today Brock had his first birthday and it is true, one is fun! Brock loved his birthday and especially loved that Grandma & Grandpa Alles & Great Grandma & Grandpa Alles came all the way from the USA to celebrate with us in Deutschland. Continue reading

Look out for Hexennacht!


The eve of May 1st (May Day) is witches night in Germany and apparently that means to lock everything down. All the groups I am in online warned Americans living off post to pull their cars in the garage, bring in garden furniture, decorations, and even your doormat! I thought it was silly but when my new friend in the neighborhood warned me to take heed, I did! I brought everything in and waited.  Continue reading

5 days in.. (try 2)

I posted this an hour ago and somehow it was deleted… so here we go again:

We have been here for 5 days and have accomplished a lot! We have a local bank account which we can use for American dollars (on post) and Euros (off post), APO mailbox, cellphones, and the best news is that on Tuesday we will be able to move into a suite at the hotel. It would have been earlier but the weather this week delayed some people from leaving. Other big news is that we started Brock on rice cereal last night. He didn’t care for the taste but that just means we got to see the cutest faces :). Check out the video below of his second night trying it:  Continue reading