Beautiful Holland

Our last summer in Europe is being well spent if I do say so myself! This year traveling is a bit more complicated since we now have Poppy, but I feel good about our plans. If we didn’t have Poppy I would probably travel too much, and wear myself ragged to get in all the last trips, so it has actually worked out quite well. Brock has 3 weeks off from Kindergarten, and so far in those weeks we have taken a little trip to Holland, and another to Bavaria. Those two trips have been to two of the most beautiful locations we have visited. Hands down. But see for yourself, here is Holland…  Continue reading


Returning home to Dreisen

Sorry for the premature posting last week, here is the true post:

With much thanks to my cousin Darren and other distant relatives who shared their findings online I have been able to trace my fathers bloodline to Dreisen Germany, which amazingly enough is within an hours drive from where we are living! From the records I have seen so far, my family has a strong connection to Dreisen and the neighboring villages of Standenbüh, Göllheim, and Marnheim. My 4th Great Grandfather, Martin was born in Standenbühl on February 9, 1783 and spent his life in Dreisen with his wife Maria Katharena. They had three children. The first two, John Martin (1818) and John Jacob (1833) were born in Baden-Baden Württemberg and the family returned to Dreisen before the birth of Katharina Margaretha (1839). The boys immigrated to New Jersey in 1852/53 and Katharine married and stayed in Dreisen.  Continue reading