Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! Neither Fil nor I grew up in families that made a big deal of Halloween. I always had a cool costume thanks to my mom and her sewing machine, but trick or treating was it for us. This year Brock was REALLY excited for Halloween. I don’t know where his excitement came from but he was all about it. We listened to Halloween music every time we got in the car during October and as the month went on we hung more and more decorations. Our living room and dining room are decorated to the max! 

A web with an unlucky 13 spiders is stuck to our living room window, giant spiders creep over my Mora clock and coat rack, a skeleton hangs as a room divider to our craft/play room and a Day of the Dead skull sticker now covers the glass door to our living room. Hanging in the dining room are homemade cheesecloth ghosts, skulls and crows hang from the ceiling along with a skull chandelier. The finishing touches were easy to put up the day of the party; a giant ghost covered the entrance to the hallway, a massive spider balloon covered the entire living room ceiling and Brock especially liked helping me hang the crepe paper streamers. Our house has never been this decorated for anything, and the look on Brock’s face confirmed it was totally worth it.

let this be a sign of the level of decorations we had 🙂

Halloween ended up being an extra-long day but no complaints here. Fil is home! He was given 2-4 days off so on Wednesday he just had to go to work to check in since 8 days is a bit more than normally allowed. That being said, on Halloween we were up and out the door before 7 am to drive him to work (we sold one car already getting ready for the move). I started the day off by slipping on the black ice that covered our steps and the left side of my body is now lovely colors. There was an accident on the Autobahn so the 45 min trip ended up taking 1:20, mostly in the dark. He got lucky and the few things he had to do at work were uncomplicated and didn’t take long at all. From there we went to the hospital for Brock’s weekly speech therapy appointment. Next we grabbed lunch on the Air Force Base and picked up the last few things I needed from the store. Brock fell asleep in the car with Fil while I shopped so we skipped his second appointment that day and just came home.

I set off to create the perfect Halloween menu and won! Not to toot my own horn, but I pretty well rocked it… everything was themed and delicious. Fil said I was “pretty sick in the head” to make it all.

I had about 4 hours to pull it all together and succeeded. Fil took Brock to the Trunk or Treat event on base. Brock came home with a bag of candy, and Fil came with a Garfield Band-Aid covering the mark from his flu shot. Yes, the trick or treat event had a booth to get flu shots.

I think it’s fair to say the kids and adults all had a good time at the party. It was so fun to put it all together, I may have to make it an annual event in our household! We had one pair of trick-or-treaters who were more than thrilled with the multiple handfuls of candy I gave them. Our last Halloween in Germany was one for the books.

But now we have 3 days left with Fil before he is back on his way to Norway. Tomorrow we are going to leave for an overnight trip to the Black Forest and I am pretty excited for one last getaway. These first 5 days with him went by so fast. In Norway he was working 15-18 hour days (on the night shift) so he spent much of the first 5 days here catching up on sleep. If you want to read about what he’s doing up there check out this article on Stars & Stripes. For now though we will enjoy our time together, and our last few days in Germany.

We are still waiting on orders so nothing has been booked for the move yet. This week Brock and I went for our medical/EFMP clearance and are still waiting on the result, but we are hopeful that the clearance is approved and we are allowed to accompany Fil to Alaska. This is a step the military takes for overseas moves (Alaska counts as overseas) to ensure any medical needs we may have will be met at our destination. For example, if I had a condition where I may need an ER more frequently than most (I don’t this is entirely fictional) we would probably not be allowed to Alaska since the nearest ER is 100 miles away. In our case Brock needs speech therapy. It shouldn’t disqualify us from the move, but not 100% guaranteed. Just to be clear, Fil is definitely going to Alaska. The question in the air is if Brock and I will be permitted to go as well. With 60 days left before our DEROS (the date we must be out of Germany by) we are just a little stressed waiting on those approvals and orders to come through.

So, keep your fingers crossed for us and hopefully we will have more updates soon!

(I’m trying something different here so let me know if the link doesn’t work) To see more pics from our Pinterest perfect Halloween party check out this post on my Facebook page.


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