Knowing Fort Greely is a remote base in Alaska, from the start we understood an unaccompanied assignment was a possibility. Now it is reality. Fil’s tour has been reduced to one year, and he will go alone. Because of Brock’s IEP for speech, the Alaska garrison has denied us. Please don’t take that harshly, it is for our own good. Basically what it boils down to is that the services he requires are not available at the location. The army does these screenings so that family member’s needs are taken care of. We absolutely knew it was possible that we could be denied but were hopeful. I researched and know that the school there does have the services available but it is our guess that their caseload is already full or maybe those services will not be available in the future.

I have been given the ability to choose where I will live with Brock during our upcoming year apart. We are going to have a lot of conversations in the coming days and weeks, and just as many decisions to make. Where I will go, what I will take, what goes with Fil, sell our car or keep it, where to send the things we put in storage 4 years ago before we left Virginia, the process of setting up two households, finding the best credit card/frequent flyer card for all the airline miles we will be raking up on visits, and lucky for us we need to make all these plans fast. Because that the army. We have 45 days until we absolutely have to be out of Germany with all loose ends tied nicely but ideally Brock and I will fly out in about 20 so Brock can have a proper Christmas with most of our family. Fingers crossed Fil makes it out in time. With all this mess the least we can do is make sure Brock can feel the Christmas magic with his Grandparents. (and you can bet your butt that he is getting that too expensive toy that he really wanted)

I’ve said it before, but now it is really true. Worst PCS ever.

P.S. We are not unrealistic. We know we are fortunate. We are so thankful that we are not facing a deployment. Leaving an overseas posting and going to another has its complications, and those complications just got a lot bigger.

P.P.S. the picture above was taken almost exactly 4 years ago. TIME FLIES. If we have learned anything over these 4 years it is just that, and our next year will fly too.


Black Forest Getaway

A miracle happened. As you all know, Fil came home for a week around Halloween but was due to go back to the Norway. He was due to leave on a Sunday, and I somehow convinced him to come away with us to the Black Forest Friday through Saturday. Most of the day Friday I could tell he regretted it. At that point he still did not know where nor when to meet on Sunday for his flight and was anxious it would get moved up while we were 3 hours from home. Around 4 pm, just as we came down from the mountain waterfall, Fil got a call and relaxed. They had it covered and he could stay home with us! Now, fully relaxed we really enjoyed our little getaway to the land of smoked ham, chocolate cake, and cuckoo clocks.  Continue reading

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! Neither Fil nor I grew up in families that made a big deal of Halloween. I always had a cool costume thanks to my mom and her sewing machine, but trick or treating was it for us. This year Brock was REALLY excited for Halloween. I don’t know where his excitement came from but he was all about it. We listened to Halloween music every time we got in the car during October and as the month went on we hung more and more decorations. Our living room and dining room are decorated to the max!  Continue reading