Strasbourg, Stroudsburg… so not the same

Growing up so close to the Pennsylvania Poconos, Stroudsburg is a name I am quite familiar with. However, over here, Strasbourg is all the rage. I think within our first month here I had heard of the French village and that their Christmas market was one of the best. The only problem was with my knowledge of Stroudsburg I couldn’t for the life of me pronounce Strasbourg correctly. I hope I haven’t sounded too out of touch when talking about it over the years. Being so close, many Americans from the bases here visit Strasbourg, and I would venture to say that most of them come away in awe. It has been on my list for sometime and with Elaine visiting, I finally made it there.

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Getting Real

Today I want to get real with you all. This life in Europe is a dream come true, yes. I have gotten to see and experience so many things I dreamed of, and so many more that I didn’t even know about before coming here. I feel personally blessed to have been able to live abroad for these nearly 4 years. But it is also a struggle every single day. My heart is breaking for Brock. He misses his daddy so much he cries for him saying between the tears “I want daddy to come home”. In many ways Brock is flourishing here, but as of lately has been regressing and I can only attribute it to his heartache. As a mother that kills me.  Continue reading