Our boy is 4!

I think that time actually flies quicker in Europe. It is hard to believe that when we boarded our first flight to Germany Brock was only 3 months old, and now, as of yesterday, he is 4 years old! It went too fast! The lead up to this birthday was chaos in our house. One of my oldest friends came for a 10 day visit, more on that later, that took us right up to Thursday. Friday was Fil’s Change of Command ceremony, Saturday was Brock’s Birthday party, Monday was the big day, his actual birthday, and today, Tuesday, Fil left bright and early for a well-deserved fishing trip before spending the next few months away on mission. I almost feel like I can catch my breath, but alas we have a busy week before flying to the States for my sister’s wedding. Whew! I am looking forward to September. 

Last year was almost just as busy when Fil took command of the 635th Transportation Detachment MCT. I remember on Brock’s actual birthday we had repurposed Fil’s command cake. This year there was no repurposing cake, but lots of it! On Saturday we had a Batman birthday party. Three of Brock’s friends came over to celebrate and had an awesome afternoon. They were having too much fun to sit and eat the cake I had stayed up entirely too late to decorate, but had a blast throwing water balloons at a life sized printout of the Joker. The 100 water balloons were not enough, and the boys chanted “we want more” but that was quickly squelched when we brought out the piñata.

Brock has been having the time of his life with all the birthday celebrations, cake, candy, and new toys. At school he made a crown and wore it all day, and then made sure to put it up high so Poppy wouldn’t chew his hat.

That night we were pretty pooped from all the partying and packing. It rained most of the afternoon but the weather turned bright in the evening so we walked to the new Indian restaurant in town and really enjoyed ourselves. Brock raced us all the way home, and won! Honestly, I can’t believe he ran the whole way. It is a little farther than his bus stop and usually I have to carry him home from the bus because he is too tired from school to walk. After a morning at school, and lots of playing with new toys all afternoon I was shocked that at his bed time he was able to run the whole way.

When we got home he was finally able to blow out some candles (at his party it was too windy to light them) and enjoyed his last bit of birthday cake and celebration. Just let him eat cake!

This week ahead is packed with club meetings, packing, and catching up on cleaning in preparation for our flight to the states for my sister’s wedding. After we get back in September I will have lots to tell you all about. For starters, while my friend was here visiting we spent almost every day of her trip exploring new locations. My favorite was a hike through a riverside winery with a boat trip back to the start. Hopefully by the time I return to Germany in September I will also know our next duty location, but let’s just keep our fingers crossed on that. 4 months until the move so let’s hope we find out where we will be moving soon. But, that’s Army life.


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