Is that the sun I see again?

Spring has sprung in Germany! The wild flowers are starting to pop up, bumble bees are busy at work, we can actually see and feel the sun AND we are jumping with both feet back into traveling around Europe. Our days are quite busy now with Brock’s schedule, but I am really feeling great! The better weather has encouraged Poppy, who is now 6 months old, to really enjoy walks so we go on a good 2 mile walk every day after putting Brock on the school bus. Oh, did I not mention that? My little 3 year old, well almost 4, takes the city bus to school and back 4 times a week! His teacher rides the bus and helps the kids buckle up and get on/off and he absolutely loves it! Here is a video of his first time getting on the bus: 

He is growing up so fast! But I have said to Fil, I can really get behind this whole walking to the bus stop routine. I grew up catching the bus right at my house, so I never really experienced the bus stop with other kids. I really like my brief conversations with the other moms who speak English, and plus Poppy and I get to take a really great walk after the bus pulls away. Win win all around.

This new energy and joy, coupled with the jump start we got from recent guests has reinvigorated my desire to explore. My new goal is to visit as many local castle ruins as I can this Spring and Summer with Brock and Poppy. The website for our state, Rhinelad-Pfalz, lists over 30 castle ruins so let the fun begin! I had been feeling like we had tapped out a lot of the driveable trips in the area, but our Easter visitors the Boyd family really kicked the travel bug in my pants and reminded me that there is so much more to see!

Both our families together at Burg Eltz

The Boyd’s, are one of our best friends. The last time we saw them was when we were moving from Washington to Virginia and we stopped in Texas for a visit. I was very pregnant with Brock at the time, so when they came to visit here it was the first time they and their two awesome kids got to meet Brock. Brock and their daughter Coralee are basically besties for life now, like their Mom’s, and we all joked about their future wedding to really cement our family relationship.

They were here for 10 days over Easter, and we had an absolute BLAST! In the 10 days we took them to some of our favorite spots and explored new locations too across 4 countries. Below are some pics of all the fun, but don’t you worry, all the new places we visited will have a blog coming soon once I can find some more time to write.

The kids looking out of the top of the tower at Burg Lichtenburg, Kusel castle

Learning about dinosaurs at Das Prahistorium Gondwana

Goofing off in Reims, France

Exploring a little cave at Verdun, France

Lots of time traveling in the car means lots of silly

Even Poppy got to join some of out adventures. This is in Belgium

Besties in Luxembourg

Although we woke up in Belgium on Easter, the Easter Bunny still made sure to leave baskets at our house so that when we returned home the kids had quite the surprise! Everett and Coralee got their first Kinder eggs among their treats, and Brock was happy to show them how it worked. While I started cooking our Easter dinner the kids got even more treats (believe it or not it is possible) on an egg hunt in the yard. Everett was the lucky one to find the large, extra special egg. He kept the toy but was very kind and shared the extra candy with everyone.


This was the first time visitors came with kids and Brock was thrilled to have them over. They all cuddled together at night and played all day long. He learned so much from them and made a TON of progress with his speech just by being around English speaking kids so much. All the parents’ hearts completely melted seeing how well the kids got on.

But now the house is quiet again. The Boyd’s are back home and although our house is quieter, we still seem to be out just as much. Next week Fil and I will be attending a military ball, our first one in about 6 or 7 years! It has been a while, so I will have to brush up on protocol, but at least I did find a dress fairly easily. Soon after that I will cross over to adulthood for real… just before my 30th birthday on May 7th I will be getting hearing aids in both ears. I have been having some trouble lately so I had a hearing test, and it came back worse than I expected. I finally swallowed the hard pill that I need them, and now I am actually excited to hear all the sounds I have been missing.

But after that I am jumping into our last Spring and Summer in Europe with both feet. Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Is that the sun I see again?

  1. So glad you are feeling well and enjoying the sites. Love the pictures and I’m glad Brock had some new friends. GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS
    Love you


  2. So glad you all had such a wonderful time together! And so glad you are excited about exploring some more before its time to leave! Can’t believe Brock rides a bus! So cool that the teacher rides with them to teach them what to do! Enjoy that hearing again, well done for getting the test done! Huge hugs, Jen! Love reading your stories! 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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