A Quick Autumn

Somehow all of the Autumn season has slipped by, and now we are in a wicked winter season. Just last week we had thunder snow! A first experience for me, and very bizarre to watch through our giant living room windows. Since that storm, we have had 2 more… but luckily our nights have been warm so the inches of snow disappear while we sleep.

Brock is indifferent about the snow. He likes to talk about it but he doesn’t like it to fall on his face. He is a fan of a good snowball fight, and his daddy and I happily oblige. Playing in the snow with Brock is so much fun. He has many outside trucks that we scoop the snow into and drive around our snowy construction yard.

On the flip side, it is a frequent battle in our house as to which days Brock can wear his gymnastics leotard. He loves it and wants to wear it all day every day. The first week in November Brock started weekly gymnastics lessons and he absolutely loves it! In just the past 6 weeks he has improved so much and performed like a pro at the winter recital last weekend. When he has his leotard on he pretends that he is Catboy, from PJ Masks, and he runs around jumping fighting the bad guys. Thanks to his lessons, he can now balance on one foot in tree pose, hold himself up on a bar, and has been fine tuning his already pretty great running and jumping abilities. At the recital he tried very hard and completed his first forward roll and it was absolutely adorable.

One struggle of being overseas is how to do holidays. Through the commissary we are able to buy most of the foods that make Thanksgiving a treasured holiday. The first year we were here I was not up to the task with my microwave sized oven. No joke. See for yourself. This turkey is 20 pounds and takes up the whole thing! No room to warm a pie or cook stuffing while that bird is in there.

But after that year I really felt down that I had not hosted like I always did at home. I even was a bit upset that I had left our china in storage. So last year I hosted and felt like I failed. Although the meal was wonderful, it was super delayed because I had not planned for all the prep in my tiny little oven. This year I learned my lessons and blew it out of the water! We had a wonderful evening with the families of two of our best friends. Brock was thrilled to have his two best friends, Aiden and Landon over at the same time, and the three of them had an absolute ball.

The first lesson I learned was prep like crazy! I made a schedule and did as much prep as I could the day before. The second lesson, was not to eat at lunch, but at dinner. With such a small oven it really made the difference to have a few extra hours to get everything done. This year our meal started with appetizers at 5 and I had already cleaned up the kitchen which is kind of a miracle for me. This timing change also worked out so that Fil could go to work and serve a Thanksgiving meal to his soldiers. I am so proud of him. He’s been doing a great job as commander, and has been really thriving in his new position.

Thanksgiving was perfect. We had wonderful company with an evening full of laughter and sharing. And of course it made us all smile to see the boys having so much fun together.

The day after Thanksgiving was a big day for us. We put up and decorated our Christmas tree and Brock’s new big boy bed was delivered, a full size! It’s hard to believe he outgrew his crib mattress already. He loves his new bed, but mostly because it is great for jumping off of onto his bean bag.

It was only a few weeks ago, but it seems like so long ago now. Christmas is everywhere and we cannot wait for Christmas morning. We both have a feeling this will be the Christmas when Brock simply loses his mind gazing at what Santa has brought him. We have made it to a few markets already, but hopefully can make it to one or two more.

Since we returned from the states we have been so busy, the year is absolutely flying by. So much so that I find it hard to find the time to keep you all updated on our adventures! And also so busy that we have barely any plans of traveling coming up. For now, I can say we are excited for the newlyweds to come visit us in January!


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