December is chock full of anniversaries for our family. This year marked our 3rd anniversary in Germany, 4th Christmas in Germany, 7th wedding anniversary, and the one year anniversary of our last miscarriage. 2017 has been a year of struggle, growth, and recovery but 2018 looks bright.  Continue reading


A Quick Autumn

Somehow all of the Autumn season has slipped by, and now we are in a wicked winter season. Just last week we had thunder snow! A first experience for me, and very bizarre to watch through our giant living room windows. Since that storm, we have had 2 more… but luckily our nights have been warm so the inches of snow disappear while we sleep.

Brock is indifferent about the snow. He likes to talk about it but he doesn’t like it to fall on his face. He is a fan of a good snowball fight, and his daddy and I happily oblige. Playing in the snow with Brock is so much fun. He has many outside trucks that we scoop the snow into and drive around our snowy construction yard.

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