Congratulations Filiberto!

With our DEROS (Date Estimated Return from Overseas) fast approaching I started thinking about all the things in Germany we will miss. Our German friends, localized foods, festivals, the option to travel… the list goes on. And at the same time looking forward to our next adventure. Somewhere new in the States for us probably. Someplace that Brock would start school. Someplace that maybe we would buy our first home. Turns out I was a little premature. But my nails will say it all…


Three weeks ago we found out that the one and only company Fil interviewed for had selected him as the new commander! Today, August 11, Fil took command of the 635th Transportation Detachment Company in the 39th Transportation Battalion (MC). Brock and I are VERY proud of him!

The Change of Command Ceremony was just like any other we have been to before, except we stood for not only the US National Anthem, but also the German. All 50 state flags formed a crescent behind Fil’s company and a HUMVEE was parked behind… it is a transportation company after all. The ceremony closed with the company singing the Army song, and the Transportation Corps Song.  Per tradition, the outgoing commander’s wife received red roses, and I, yellow… Brock, being the lucky kid that he is, was gifted a matchbox sized tank. During the whole ceremony he shot that tank at everyone… luckily only our friend Steve who was behind us could hear the explosions Brock was making. One of the other guests who was sitting on the other side, came up to me and said how well behaved Brock was during the whole ceremony… I giggled.

Here are just a few pictures of the Change of Command ceremony:

Perks to being the Commander’s kid hahaha

Fil’s new job means a longer commute down to Kaiserslautern (triple what he had for Baumholder) BUT we don’t have to move. That means Brock can continue going to the village kindergarten, playing with his German friends, and we will stay close to our friends out this way. It also means that Brock can play pee-wee soccer! I signed him up last month and bought his first cleats :). The season starts in a few weeks.

So it looks like instead of closing down this travel blog I will be continuing it for at least another year. I don’t know how much travel we will be able to do, Fil’s new job will mean a lot of hard work, long days, and not much energy for traveling, but we shall see. Right now, on day one, we know of two missions away before Thanksgiving. It will be a busy year.

If you want to follow Fil’s company and see what they do, like them on Facebook, 635th Transportation Detachment (MCT).  HOOAH!


6 thoughts on “Congratulations Filiberto!

  1. Congratulations!! That is exciting!! Kudos on the selection to command and take on the numerous responsibilities commanding a transportation company will entail!


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