Double take, two quick ports of call

After the most amazing day in Sicily, we were interested to check out Cagliari even though we did not have any plans or ideas of what lie on the island. Cagliari, the capitol of Sardinia, was our last port of call, and was another stop that didn’t seem to have anything that would take our breath away. But we went out and adventured anyways with the hope of finding a gem.

You might detect a theme here… we climbed up the mountain that the city was perched on to the top to catch some views. Looking down on the port the city did look really beautiful. I don’t think we really captured it in the pictures. 

We wandered a bit farther but seemed to be among mostly university buildings so we started to trek down. Along the way we stumbled on the Tower of the Elephant, a medieval tower that was built in 1307. It was pretty impressive. Fil especially took note of the downward drawbridge that was held up by rusty chains. We also noticed that people and vehicles were passing under it unscathed. We sided against paying the fee to climb the over 30 meters. At this point we had climbed enough.

Cagliari was a nice little town. I shouldn’t say that. It is a proper city. But the historical quarter that we explored was nice. While it didn’t blow us away, we did enjoy meandering and looking for unique shops and treasures.

This was a day that we set sail earlier than usual because we had a long trip to our next port, Palma de Mallorca. While every other day we were at port before 9 am, we did not arrive to Mallorca until 2 pm. Fil and I decided to just stay on board and relax. From what we have heard of Mallorca it is basically the European equivalent of what Cancun is to the US. A party place south of the border in the sun. We figured if we were just going to beach and drink we might as well just stay on the ship and do that for free. So that afternoon I went to the spa and got a body scrub and spent some time in the sauna and sun rooms. No regrets to missing the port at all. We did take a few pictures from the ship of the main sites, the church and castle. For a hot second I wanted to go the castle, but when I looked it up I found out that there was no way for us to get to it before it closed for the day. It does look interesting though, so if you go let me know!

We were glad to have these two low key, relaxing days. While I love to see new things, and buy post cards for my wall, I also just wanted to rest, relax, and replenish. And it turned out to be extra relaxing. So many people were off the ship in Mallorca that we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

We have come to the final portion of our cruise! Our last stop was Valencia, Spain. Fil and I both agreed that Valencia was our favorite day. While Sicily was amazing for me, Fil didn’t 100% have the same sentiment, but we both were surprised and ended up loving Valencia. So lookout for one more post about our final stop, and surprise favorite, Valencia.

As always, thank you for reading, and here you can find all the photos from our trip, and here you can find all the content so far about the cruise 🙂


2 thoughts on “Double take, two quick ports of call

  1. Jen-
    I so enjoy reading each and every post which I have been doing for almost three years. Your 29th birthday cruise sounds amazing and definitely a trip I would love to take some day. I would love a picture of you and Fil on gala night…do u have one? Brock is dashing in his attire and such a little gentleman. Well, I can’t wait to read your next post. I am so glad your vacation was so wonderful.


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