Slow start in Italy

Genoa, our first stop in Italy. In my pre-research, Genoa seemed to be just another city. Beautiful I am sure, but nothing too stand out. The city is Italy’s main commercial port, birthplace of Christopher Columbus, and where pesto sauce was invented, but no really striking markets or architecture. One thing the city does have is the largest Aquarium in Italy, and depending on the source, the largest in all of Europe. It was a clear fit for us after our first night sailing. 

The aquarium was just a short walk away on the other side of the port so off we set with our newly delivered stroller. We ended up being part of a large group as our ship was not the only ship at port and the aquarium was a popular destination.

Overall I think the aquarium was a good one, but we preferred the one we visited in Malta. Yes, the one in Malta was not as crowded which may have impacted our opinion, but the Genoa aquarium was also very confusing to navigate and didn’t seem to have as many viewing areas as Malta’s did. Brock did enjoy watching the big fish and the rays but for being the biggest in Europe, Fil and I were not as impressed. Brock especially liked watching the bigger fish, dolphins, and penguins. I wish it wasn’t so crowded so he could have felt more comfortable and enjoyed it more. I could tell he was uneasy.

That being said, a slow day was what we needed. Brock fell asleep on the walk back to the ship so Fil and I got to relax at a poolside bar with drinks while Brock napped in the stroller. After weather delays, a lost stroller, and that tricky trek in Marseille, a day to relax was what we needed so we were happy. The short first day also gave us a chance to really get to know the ship. We found our favorite bar and studied the buffet layout so we could quickly find what we needed.

The only problem of the day was when Brock woke up. He saw Fil’s piña colada, which looked an awful lot like a milkshake, and wanted it. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Simple fix there, but a bit hard to explain why he couldn’t have one. But that was our day in Genoa. Next stop, Rome!

As always, here you can find all the photos from our trip, and here you can find all the content so far about the cruise 🙂


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