Two at the Zoo

Almost a week ago our little man turned 2 years old… and I can’t even believe it. I look at him and see the same little boy that I have always seen but when I look back at pictures it is amazing how much he is growing. Just look at this one… these two are one year apart (in the same outfit).


OK so Brock is a pretty picky eater so his growth slowed down a bit, but he still grew 4 inches this year. He went from taking a few steps at a time on his first birthday to running (quite fast), jumping with both feet off the ground, and completely mastering stairs on his second birthday. He still speaks his own language, but is getting better copying what we say. Still hasn’t had his first haircut, but I am a-ok with that.

He is still the same friendly, social, caring kid he has always been… he will even share his tricycle now! A definite “no” from last year. He is really great at sharing and takes on the responsibility of greeting everyone who comes to playgroup after he is there.

This birthday was much more fun for him. He woke up, saw his presents, and knew what to do. He wanted help, so I would pull up a corner for him, but otherwise he unwrapped everything and loved everything he got. What a lucky kid. I am still unsure which is his favorite, but I can say that the one toy he got with batteries… well after only a couple days we noticed it sounded like the batteries were starting to wear. Needless to say we buried that one a bit in the toy box.




After he opened his presents we quick ran out the door to meet our friends. The Mozak family went with us to the Zoo d’Amneville to celebrate Brock’s birthday. We lucked out, and even though earlier in the week we had to turn our heat on, Brock’s birthday was the way it should be. A beautiful sunny day, not scorching, but an acceptable August heat :).

Brock’s favorite exhibits were the penguins, elephants, and the anteater. The only thing he wasn’t into so much was the tiger show. It is supposed to be the thing this zoo is known for and felt very vegas’y. It was presented indoors, in a massive coliseum, but wasn’t very exciting. It was also dark and close to nap time.





But the thing he liked most of all was the ½ lb. lolly his daddy bought him! It was so big we had to tuck it into the stroller with him… it kind of rested on his shoulder and he would lean into it and lick it. He got so sticky his hands stuck to his cheeks!


Right after we had our birthday cupcakes the boys got sniffed out by a wolf… we wondered if they could smell the sugar.



What a lucky kid to get to spend his birthday with his friend, at a zoo, in France. Don’t wish you could go to France for your birthday?

We all had such a great time… Poor Brock was so tired at the end of the day he passed out hard. The zoo was laid out really well. Both of the Daddy’s on our trip were catching Pokemon, and that app told them they walked 2 kilometers at the zoo. For as expansive as it was, it really was not as exhausting as other zoos. I kept making the comparison in my head to the Zoo in Washington DC. In DC it felt like you walked for a mile in-between each exhibit. In Amniville, the exhibits were quite large but they had multiple viewing points so that as you walked to the next one it didn’t seem as far because you could see the last one. A big plus for two toddlers- keeping their eyes continually occupied.


We love you sweet boy, don’t grow up too fast <3.



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