Luxembourg Duck Race

Europe even does charity events better! On Saturday Brock and I drove the hour into Luxembourg for the annual duck race. 15,000 plastic ducks would be let loose on a river in Luxembourg city, racing to the finish line. Each duck could be sponsored for €5 and the sponsor of the winning duck would win a brand new Suzuki Vitara! How fun! I pre-ordered our 6 ducks online and was assigned numbers 14215 through 14220. The weather was a bit iffy that day so I was in no rush to get to the event early, but we did make it just in time. Continue reading


Keukenhof 2016

When we first found out we were moving to Germany, one of the first places I thought of that I needed to see was the tulip fields of Holland. I had never known that Holland was the place to be for tulips until we lived in Washington State and went to the Skagit County Tulip Festival. My mind was blown by the beauty, but I kept hearing whispers that if you really wanted to see tulips you had to go to Holland. Well lucky me, I got to see tulips in both places!  Continue reading

Meet me in Metz

A few days before Easter our little family was finally on the same continent, and better yet together again. We caught up on family time and stayed home for the holiday, hosting a lunch with some friends. The next weekend, however, we were ready to travel again… just not too far.

Just an hour and a half away in Metz, France there was going to be an antique and flea market so we jumped to go. That is one wonderful thing about living here. On a Tuesday we can decide to leave the country for the weekend and off we go!  Continue reading