History and fun in Nuremberg

Part two of our little getaway was just as fun as the first day in Rothenberg. We had three days to explore Nuremberg and the weather prediction for the last two days was to be rainy and/or snowy, so that means we started off our trip with our one nice day at the zoo!

Tiergarten Nurnberg was really great! I planned to rent a wagon for the day, and it halfway worked out. My wonderful plan was to pull Brock around and not have to wear him for the whole day. But he was a bit tired from the late night before and cranky so I ended up pulling an empty wagon and wearing him about half the day 😕.


We spent 6 hours wandering the zoo, hiking up and down the very serious hills and it turns out Brock’s favorite animals were the giraffes, gorillas and fish. There were only a few fish tanks but Brock pressed against the glass and tried to touch the fish, it was pretty cute. He also really like the large tanks with dolphins, seals, manatees and large fish.


We finished out our day at the playground, and he was so tired he fell asleep on the walk back to the car. We climbed on the smaller jungle gyms, crawled through tunnels, hopped on ground level trampolines, and swung on the rope swings. Poor boy really wanted to go on the big boy playground, but as you see he was just too small. The sign said for ages 3 and up, but I don’t think even a 10 year old could get all the way to the top and make it down the slide. This type of playground is not uncommon, but one this tall was pretty unique.


The next day we had a small window of nice weather in the morning so we checked out the Dokumentationszentrum Reichsparteitagsgelaende (Documentation center Nazi party rally grounds). I am glad we were able to make it there during this trip. With all the history of the Nazi party and the war criminal tribunals after WWII in Nuremberg I felt it was really important to visit at least one site and learn more about it all. The rally grounds were first used by the party in 1927 and as the party grew, so did the grounds. By the start of the war 11km were designated for the rally grounds, but construction had to be halted on the main colosseum. The colosseum is massive. Much larger than the one we saw in Pula- it really goes to show how long lasting the party thought they would be. It remains today as one of the only pieces of Nazi architecture still standing and houses a museum on the parties rise to power. I got an English audio guide and listened to as much as I could. There were some classes there and I didn’t want Brock to disrupt them so I moved quickly through the museum. It was very well put together and very informative. Since the end of the war the grounds have been used for various public activities and in addition to the museum there is a music hall and public park.

Outside of arena

Outside of arena

unfinished brick interior

unfinished brick interior

After lunch and a nice nap we headed over to Kristall Palm Beach, an indoor spa and waterpark and spent the rest of the afternoon splashing in the pools and playing in the kiddy area. I couldn’t get him to eat the fish sticks, but he had no problem stealing the ice-cream we were sharing and keeping it all for himself! We didn’t go into the spa part of the park but it looked really great! There was soaking pools with different minerals for healing, aromatherapy saunas, an outdoor pool with a flume, water slides, and an indoor solar lawn where you can sunbathe! Walking out into the snow totally threw me off. After almost 4 hours in the humid tropical weather I almost forgot it is winter in Germany.

The first two days in Nuremberg were really fun and nothing like we usually do on our trips. Just as I loved Rothenberg ob der Tauber, I have heard people love Nuremberg so rain or shine we had to explore the old part of town. To my surprise I wasn’t really a fan. I was in the old town but it felt so new. There were chain stores and not as many small, older shops. Some of the buildings looked old but just as many looked fairly new. It just didn’t have the magical feeling that usually comes with the alstadt.



Another great museum we wandered for a while was the German National Museum. No bags were allowed, so after a couple hours it was time to get our bags and go find lunch. If I could have had something to occupy Brock we could have seen a bit more, but I am happy with the exhibits we saw, musical instruments, fashion, furniture and some art. You could easily spend a full day looking at all the artifacts.

I read on another blog that there is a bratwurst house that has been open since at least 1313 and decided that was the place to go for lunch… but it was closed. I was so bummed! A couple blocks away I found another place that looked like a good place for brats and boy was I right! I ordered a mix of Nuremberger brats. Three were grilled over sauerkraut and three were boiled with onions. YUM. I don’t even like sauerkraut, but this was addicting good. Side note- Nuremberg bratwurst are about the size of breakfast sausage logs so it’s not sinful that I ate 6 of them.

If our week away wasn’t special enough, the antique shop I have been watching posted a new Mora clock for sale. I have been watching and waiting for months hoping the perfect clock would come available and it did! So on the way home I stopped to check it out and bought it. It will be delivered later this week and I will post a video on Facebook of the chime. It was made in 1838 in Sweden by the whole community. Seriously, each family made one part and then they were assembled. No two clocks are the same inside or out. These clocks were a traditional wedding gift, and the painting pattern on mine suggests it was a gift to a “country” bride. I am thrilled to get one with original paint and working mechanisms 😍.



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