Autumn in the Rhineland-Pfalz

It feels like it has been forever since I have posted about our adventures, but rest assured we have not been sitting idly at home. October was a busy month for us. Brock and I have really been filling up our social calendar and Fil was away for work again for a week. We started off the month with a culinary beer hike through the woods from a castle to a small lake, and ended the month at the World’s Largest Pumpkin Festival at a palace. The best way to share these events is photos, so enjoy :).

The hike was the perfect way to kick off Autumn, which by the way is a very short season over here. We started at the castle, Burg Nanstein, in Landstuhl with two beers, a brat and a pretzel. Oh and Brock transformed into a puppy dog. image

At the second stop we got our second round, and pulled pork. “American” style with Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce. Brock made eyes at the cook and snagged an extra piece of bread. image


The third stop was a real treat. In the middle of the woods, along the trail a mini restaurant was set up. They had a long (considering the environment) menu including smoked salmon and cheesecake to accompany our third round. image

We were so full we skipped the fourth stop and finished the 4 miles at stop five, Baerenlochweiher pond. We had another round and could not pass up on the meat at this grill station! image

Now at the end of our one way hike, we turned around and hiked the 4 miles back to the car. I kept wondering why we didn’t have hikes like this when I was in the Outing Club in college! image


The next couple of weeks went by really fast. Brock and I finally got to go back to Kindermusik once a week, playgroup once a week and we hosted a playgroup at the house. At first Brock was confused as to why all his friends were touching his stuff but then he realized going down his slide is way more fun with a friend. Poor baby even cried when they all left. But anyways, the two weeks flew by and before we knew it we were at the old Palace in Ludwidgburg at the pumpkin festival. DSCF1223

We did figure out the strange stair ramps: DSCF1225

For being the “worlds largest” I was expecting more, but it was still an enjoyable day. That being said, there were 150 tons of 500 different species of pumpkins. That is more than 450,000 pumpkins arranged in displays, piles, and sculptures reflecting the theme “Pumpkins Taking Flight”. DSCF1229








Plus side of the festival was the food. Everything was pumpkin! We enjoyed pumpkin fries which may have been the best fries I ever had, and pumpkin burgers. The fries were topped with a curry style seasoning that was sweet but also savory. And the burgers were literally pumpkin a patty made 100% of pumpkin mash. YUM.

Entrance to the festival let us wonder the outside of the palace as well as the fairy tale garden. This garden was on my list of places to go but it turned out to be pretty creepy. We ran through away from the witches and creepy, old, animatronic creatures. I am so glad I didn’t make a trip special to see that!

Brock was a fisherman for Halloween. We didn’t do anything on the holiday but he dressed up with his buddies the day before. image

I actually spent Halloween in Holland at a quilt expo, the Open European Quilt Championships. I always like to look at the exhibitions to find some inspiration, but my quilting style just doesn’t match European style. Most of the projects were smaller art quilts, not much patchwork. That being said, I had been thinking for a while about combining cross stitch and quilting and I finally saw an example of one completed this way. Before going to the expo I was considering submitting a project for the 2016 expo, and now I’m thinking a little harder about it. We shall see.

I think November will be a quiet month for us, at least travel wise. Fil will be away for 2 weeks this month and Christmas markets won’t start until the end of the month. Which, by the way, I am creating a calendar for. I plan to go to as many markets as possible, hopefully to find great gifts, and to expand my collection of gluwein mugs. Tschuβ!


5 thoughts on “Autumn in the Rhineland-Pfalz

  1. Great blog, and the photos are wonderful. Autumn may be short in Germany, but you seemed to take advantage of the season. I can’t begin to tell you how darn cute Brock was in his Halloween costume and the personality he exudes from the photos makes it all the better.

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  2. I’ve been following your blog probably since May or June, when we were living in Texas and found out we’d be stationed in Baumholder. I had a little blog of my own that I was trying to get going, and decided to search out military wife blogs from Baumholder, just to try to get any idea of what living in Baumholder was like. I found yours, and it stood out for one reason because we both had used the same blog theme – Hemingway – I know, so silly, but it caught my eye. I’m trying to get back into blog-writing myself, especially since our family in the States is so curious about everything over here. I’m pretty inspired reading yours to continue giving the blog a try!

    Now, we have been in germany for a couple of months, after the longest transition ever! Finally feel like I have my feet on the ground, sort of, and we just got our house unpacked and internet connection at our house, so I’ve been sort of catching up on your blog. It’s so wonderful to see all the events that you attend. It’s definitely inspiring me to get out there a bit more as well, now that we are setting in. I was glancing at some of the tags on your blog and saw Hoppstadten-Weiersbach as one of the tags. Our address is technically “Dienstweiler,” although we live between the two villages, in the country; but Hoppstadten is our go-to for bakery, butcher, and groceries thus far. Anyway, I just thought that was neat, if I do l do live anywhere near by you. I’m on Facebook as “Tara Dawn Cope,” I have pictures of our place, and some of the little trips we’ve done so far. And, I will get my blog back open to public soon as well, after I update it with some recent posts. This seems like such a small community on Baumholder that I imagine I may see you around sometime 🙂 Thanks for providing me with some fun reading and inspiration for fun things to do 🙂 -Tara

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