Changing Plans

Yesterday we returned home from our Thanksgiving weekend getaway which was one of the most fun trips we have been on yet, although it was not the trip we expected. Months ago we decided to use the Thanksgiving 4-day as our anniversary trip so that we could be home for Christmas (our anniversary is December 26). Initially we said Paris, but Fil changed his mind right when I was getting serious about booking a hotel. So then I looked all over for a fun long weekend- Northern Lights in Sweden, Snowy mountains in Switzerland, castles in France and Germany that are now hotel/resorts… and just about everywhere was booked solid! Finally, we decided on Bruges, Belgium. From late November to early January Bruges has an ice sculpture festival plus the city boosts breweries, chocolate shops and handmade lace. We were both very excited but 5 days before we were to leave we had to cancel.  Continue reading


Celebrating St. Martin’s

It is true, every holiday in Germany is better. No, I am not Catholic so I can’t speak to the holiday of St. Martin’s being celebrated in the US, but I have never heard of the day at all. That being said, Catholic or not, in Germany all families celebrate the day in the typical German celebration style: parades with fire and pretzels.  Continue reading

Autumn in the Rhineland-Pfalz

It feels like it has been forever since I have posted about our adventures, but rest assured we have not been sitting idly at home. October was a busy month for us. Brock and I have really been filling up our social calendar and Fil was away for work again for a week. We started off the month with a culinary beer hike through the woods from a castle to a small lake, and ended the month at the World’s Largest Pumpkin Festival at a palace. The best way to share these events is photos, so enjoy :). Continue reading