Antiquing we will go

Fil and I have drastically different hobbies. I have absolutely no interest in going fishing with him—and the few times I have gone, well let’s just say I may have set my hook in things other than fish, and likewise, he would rather do anything other than quilt or look at sewing supplies and projects. One thing we love to do together is go antiquing but it is way more fun in Europe than it was in the States! Continue reading


The Onion(less) Market

I was really excited about this one. An onion market that has happened since the Middle Ages when the onions came on boats and barges… sign me up! I triple checked that the market was in-fact Wednesday & Thursday as so many are only on weekends, and set off to the Rhein River town of Boppard and then it all fell apart. Continue reading

Spending Kuna in Pula… Kind of

Croatia is part of the European Union but still uses it’s own currency, Kuna, and it is truly hard to get rid of. With an exchange rate of 1:7 it might feel like you are spending a lot, but everything is so cheap it is actually hard to spend all the Kuna you took out of the ATM. So what, you might say. Issue is that a lot of banks around where we live don’t exchange Kuna because of the rate, so if you don’t spend it, I guess you could frame it and hang it on the wall… which we may do since the coins had fish on them and Fil, being Fil, thought it was great that there were tuna on kuna ;).  Continue reading