One is Fun!

One week ago today Brock had his first birthday and it is true, one is fun! Brock loved his birthday and especially loved that Grandma & Grandpa Alles & Great Grandma & Grandpa Alles came all the way from the USA to celebrate with us in Deutschland.

It was a HOT day, tamed only by crisp beer and splashing in the kiddie pool. The theme for the day was a circus so naturally I created a big-top in the dining room. I mean hey, you can’t have a circus without a tent!
11878904_10100444888512158_1823728521791682416_oBrock woke up to the dining room transformation and was amazed. He then went into the living room to find all his gifts and really didn’t know what to think. I tried to get him to pull the paper off, but he wasn’t into it so I just opened everything (and yes I had wrapped them 2 days before) and right away he would test out the new toy. His favorite was definitely the tricycle from Grandma & Grandpa Alles.
11895241_10100444887843498_6614581082449741918_oI still cant believe I have a one year old boy! This year went by so fast. We left Virginia when he was 10 weeks old and finally settled in our house in Germany when he was 3 ½ months old! Over the year he learned to crawl, walk, and he is now just about running! He eats just about anything we give him and wants to eat off our plates more and more. He has grown 11 ½ inches and gained about 16 ½ pounds! He is a total rockstar 8-). He has the funniest personality and is a total people pleaser. He is physically really strong, picking things up that are way too heavy for a baby, and very adventurous and brave. Everyday he does something new and is a copycat more and more!11879133_10100444889350478_4466655888041965918_oHis birthday theme was a circus and I used all the Fisher-Price “One is Fun” circus supplies I could fit into my suitcase when we were home in NJ earlier this summer. Everything was adorable. I made an oatmeal cake, shaped like a circus tent and chocolate cupcakes with Animal Cracker toppers for dessert. For lunch we kept it local and devoured two kinds of bratwurst, green salad, and with much excitement I mastered German potato salad! Remember in my post about the fisher fests I mentioned the best potato salad I ever had?  Well the recipe was in a cookbook I have and it came out amazing! The secret is beef broth and no mayonnaise, who would have thought.

The whole week our family was here was a lot of fun, but by the end Brock was definitely pooped. We miss having everyone here but are glad to get back on schedule. We will likely be taking it easy the next few weeks. I know there are a ton of festivals happening but this summer has felt so nonstop with traveling and visitors that we just need a break. But don’t worry, a big trip is officially booked!

Its official, we are spending Labor Day weekend in Pula, Craotia! We are staying beach front, and have trips planned to the ancient ruins as well as plenty of playing in the Adriatic Sea. We are taking a bus trip offered by the Outdoor Recreation office on base so will be traveling with other families from Baumholder. Fil will be taking groups out kayak fishing while others snorkel and scuba dive. I will explore the ancient ruins with Brock and hopefully take advantage of one recreation activity. It has been so long since I was on a kayak or snorkeled!


3 thoughts on “One is Fun!

  1. So glad your family could make it to Germany to celebrate the little dude’s first birthday. It has been amazing to watch him grow this past year. Can’t wait to read of your next adventure, and I am going to google the german potato salad, just in case I get the urge to make it.


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