A lesson on waste

Every time we have a visitor I find myself saying “just leave in on the counter”. Here in Germany recycling and garbage is so complicated it is literally easier for me to sort everything than to explain which bin everything goes into to our visitors. Once you figure it out it really isn’t that bad—but I have also always lived in states that were great with recycling. In our house we have 6 permanent bins, and a few that vary (I will explain). As complicated as it is, Germany is spot on with this one—America could really take note! Continue reading


One is Fun!

One week ago today Brock had his first birthday and it is true, one is fun! Brock loved his birthday and especially loved that Grandma & Grandpa Alles & Great Grandma & Grandpa Alles came all the way from the USA to celebrate with us in Deutschland. Continue reading

Vianden Reconstruction

It had been a long time coming, but my childhood bestie and I finally had a week-long vacation together. The last time this happened we were in high school, and we had a blast exploring Germany (and more)! We took Brock to the Nature Park where we fed bananas to the monkeys, pet piggies and goats, and worried for the lives of the very alive rabbits in the fox pen 😯 . We revisited Frankfurt where I bought Brock his first set of real leather Lederhosen and a weather house for my mom. We rode the bergh-bahn in Heidelberg and explored the castle ruins in the summer sunshine which was MUCH better than in January, and for our last big day trip we headed over the border to Vianden, Luxembourg. Yes, it was a full week! Continue reading