Look out for Hexennacht!


The eve of May 1st (May Day) is witches night in Germany and apparently that means to lock everything down. All the groups I am in online warned Americans living off post to pull their cars in the garage, bring in garden furniture, decorations, and even your doormat! I thought it was silly but when my new friend in the neighborhood warned me to take heed, I did! I brought everything in and waited.  Continue reading


Enchanting Burg Eltz

The hour and a half drive was one of the most rewarding so far among all of our day trips. Never could I imagine such windy roads, but they do exist and my parents can attest that they are unbelievable. But after winding our way around, up, and over eight or so mountains we parked and began our hike through the woods to the castle. 15 minutes later we rounded a corner and there she was in all her glory.  Continue reading

Easter in Germany

Happy Easter from this cute bunny! Brock’s first Easter basket had funny faced eggs and sport ball designed eggs filled with cereal puffs, a rubber bunny, a toy lamb that sings in German, and two things I plan to continue each year—a Classic Disney DVD and swim trunks to start the summer season. This year Brock got The Rescuers & The Rescuers Down Under, and his trunks have fish and a giant octopus.  Continue reading