Rosenmontag in Mainz

I am a little late in posting this, but it has been a very busy week for us. Rosenmontag (Rose Monday) is the day before Shrove Tuesday and the last official day to party before lent… and Germans take full advantage! And I mean everyone takes advantage ALL weekend long. On Sunday we were playing with Brock in the living room and saw the 70 or 80 year couple who lives across the street come out in full body tiger suits! Kind of like footy-pjamas with a hood and face paint. At this point we knew the rumors were true and these last few days of Fasching or the Karneval season were going to be fun. By the way, Fasching dates back to pre-Roman times as a time for fun in a not-so-fun world.  Continue reading


Bonn Bonn Bonn Bonnnnn

This weekend we explored the city of Bonn, birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven and de facto capital of West Germany from 1949 through the 1990’s. Sunlight is a bit limited in the winter here, and with a 2 hour drive ahead of us we decided to go up Friday night and stay at a hotel for the night. I had a blast driving there, for some reason I was really excited about a night in a hotel even though we just recently lived in a hotel for a month ;). We kept passing signs for all these other places I wanted to go and I think the excitement just kept growing as I told Fil about all these other trips we would be taking in this direction.  Continue reading