Heidelberg <3

We have found our first favorite place in Germany, Heidelberg. I have been wanting to go to the University city since Christmas but with weather and tire repair complications this past weekend was the first chance we got to go and we had a great time! The whole city is so romantic and beautiful. It is a picturesque city with the castle and mountain in the backdrop, nothing could be prettier. I cannot wait to go back.  Continue reading


See you later Baumholder!

After over 2 months of living in hotels and with family we will finally have a home again! The search was really hard, and took quite a few viewings before we found one that worked for us. We actually almost found a house a couple of weeks ago but someone else beat us to signing the contract. Soon after that we found this home, but with the holidays it took the housing office a while to inspect the home and write up a contract. We feel like we totally lucked out finding this place. Our home is only 15 minutes for Fil to commute everyday and the village has a train station and grocery store. Fil also likes that it is only 15 minutes from the largest lake in Germany and just steps from the Nahe river.  Continue reading