5 days in.. (try 2)

I posted this an hour ago and somehow it was deleted… so here we go again:

We have been here for 5 days and have accomplished a lot! We have a local bank account which we can use for American dollars (on post) and Euros (off post), APO mailbox, cellphones, and the best news is that on Tuesday we will be able to move into a suite at the hotel. It would have been earlier but the weather this week delayed some people from leaving. Other big news is that we started Brock on rice cereal last night. He didn’t care for the taste but that just means we got to see the cutest faces :). Check out the video below of his second night trying it:


We also found out that my car has arrived in Germany and our household goods are on post! My car is still at the port in Bremerhaven but once it is inspected it will be delivered here to us. Our household goods are nearby in storage just waiting for us to give them an address. This is great news because some other women I know said it took their household goods 3 months to get here! Ours was picked up in Virginia on Halloween and got here in 5-6 weeks. Fingers crossed there isn’t a lot of damage. The best part is that once we find a place our stuff can be delivered the day we move in so we won’t have to borrow furniture from the housing office.

At this point we have our top three houses we would like to see but the housing office has to set up appointments for us and they closed early today. Sometime next week we should start to visit houses. If we are lucky and they work out we could be in a home by Christmas :P.

Since I can’t leave post, I have been exploring while Fil in-processes. The two big ones to find were the PX and the Commissary. The PX is a store that carries homewares, clothing, and usually some gifts and jewelry. The ones in the states carry Vera Bradley, Coach, Bath & Body Works and other big name brands. Our PX is teeny-tiny but I have been told that the one at Ramstein is much larger. Since we can’t plug in any of our small appliances we will have to buy new from the PX and first on the list is a hair drier!

The Commissary (grocery store) is also very small but it has worked out so far. Thank God for pictures on packages! A lot of the food is from the US, but quite a bit is from Germany. I bought fresh raviolis for dinner yesterday and while we aren’t 100% sure what the filling was, they were good. The good news is that the Commissary does carry Brock’s formula.

Walking around post I have been able to really pay attention to the German traffic signs and start to get used to them. I have also found out that it is not as disability friendly as the US is. Most of the sidewalks are 6 inches above the street and do not merge into the street so I get to pop wheelies with the stroller:). Also, have you ever seen anything like this?

handicap stairs?

handicap stairs?

Lots of the buildings are reminiscent of the 1930’s. I feel like many of the buildings look like military buildings you would see in WWII movies which makes sense because Baumholder became a garrison town in 1937 when Germany built a military base here. After WWII began lots of German and Austrian troops were trained here. Isn’t this a neat postcard? I can’t imagine them being sent out in modern day.

A 1939 post card. "Greetings from the Baumholder Troop Training Area."

A 1939 post card. “Greetings from the Baumholder Troop Training Area.”

Between 1941 and 1945, the troop drilling ground was the location of a prisoner-of-war camp for Soviet, Polish and other prisoners. Baumholder surrendered to the US in 1945. Until 1951 it was occupied by the French and then turned over to the US and we have been here since. For a while it was the largest base outside of the US, but now it is quite small.  Today the base is used for training by US and German troops and is also a quarantine site for soldiers returning from Ebola effected areas.

This weekend we plan on getting off post and exploring as long as the rain isn’t too bad. Fil’s sponsor also offered to drive us around so hopefully we will have an interesting post for your all on Monday. Fingers crossed we make it to a Christmas market.


3 thoughts on “5 days in.. (try 2)

  1. Good news that things are progressing towards settling!!! Once you can drive etc… check out the Commissarry and PX on the Air Force Base in Ramstein. I found the Air Force PX’s and Commissary’s were better / larger / and had more to choose from.


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