Merry Christmas!

How to make the best of living in a hotel for the holidays:

Step One: Christmas tree

I said to Fil, “if we are in a house by Christmas can we save a big box and make a tree?” Well that didn’t happen, but the PX had construction and poster paper, scissors and tape so we made a tree.  Continue reading


Burg Lichtenberg

Yes, it had stopped raining, but it was still quite chilly when we stopped at the closest castle to Baumholder, Lichtenberg Castle (Burg Lichtenberg) on our way back from Trier. High on the hill, towering over the village of Thallichtenberg lies a vast ruin of a castle. And when I say high on the hill, I mean it is UP there. As we drove up Fil said “I would have hated to be the messenger boy for this place”. You mostly see the large square tower and the remains of what looks like a great room, but the ruins stretch for 1,400 feet and are one of the largest castle ruins in Germany.  Continue reading

Forbidden chocolate?

Yesterday was our first trip inside a German grocery store. Baumholder is big enough to have one while most villages have a butcher shop, a bakery, and maybe a small market all separate. It was a bit overwhelming. While I could recognize the produce and pasta, that was about it. You would be surprised how hard it can be to buy butter. I know it will get better as we start to learn German, but for now I think I’ll stick to the Commissary which has more recognizable foods.  Continue reading

5 days in.. (try 2)

I posted this an hour ago and somehow it was deleted… so here we go again:

We have been here for 5 days and have accomplished a lot! We have a local bank account which we can use for American dollars (on post) and Euros (off post), APO mailbox, cellphones, and the best news is that on Tuesday we will be able to move into a suite at the hotel. It would have been earlier but the weather this week delayed some people from leaving. Other big news is that we started Brock on rice cereal last night. He didn’t care for the taste but that just means we got to see the cutest faces :). Check out the video below of his second night trying it:  Continue reading

We have arrived in Baumholder

We made it and the trip was easier than expected! Check-in at Baltimore-Washington International was the worst part. We stood in line for 2 hours along with the over 400 others on our flight and all our luggage (carry on & checked) which weighed over 225 lbs. Brock, however, loved it! He had the time of his life checking out all the people, pets, and planes hanging overhead in the terminal.


all our luggage filled the mini-van we rented

Continue reading